Karanlığı Taramak

- A Scanner Darkly (2006)

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Karanlığı Taramak
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Süre: 100 dk
Yapım: 2006 ABD
  • Richard Linklater
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oyunlarının bedelini fazlasıyla ödeyen çocuklar a adanmış olan sıradışı bir film.
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- So this guy's been going around claiming to be a world-famous impostor, right?

- Says he's posed, at one time or another, as a surgeon at John Hopkins...
...as a theoretical, submolecular, high-velocity...
...particle-research physicist on a federal grant at Harvard...
...as a Finnish novelist who won the Nobel Prize for literature...
...as a deposed Argentinean president...
...who was married to a go-go dancer from Chicago...

- He got away with all that? He never got caught?

- Okay, you broke my flow... ...so now I guess I'll just have to segue down to the near. That's just it. You see, he didn't pose as any of those. He just posed as a world-famous impostor. Yeah. It came out later in the L.A. Times. They checked up, and he was pushing a broom at Disneyland or something. He saw that old DiCaprio movie. You know, the one where he plays a world-famous impostor...
...before Leonardo hit his Elvis stage. And his first thought was: "Hey, I could pose as all those exotic guys and get away with it." But then, his next thought was, "Hell, why bother? I could just pose as an impostor, and it'd be a lot easier." They say that he made more money than the actual impostor...
...although I'm not sure if they'd adjust for inflation. Well, you know, we all see impostors now and then...
...but not posing as subatomic physicists.

- Oh, as a narc, you mean. What's a narc look like?

- That's like asking, "What's an impostor look like?" I talked to this dealer who'd been busted. I asked him what the narc who busted him looked like. What did he say, he looked just like us? More so. So I guess the moral of that is...
...stay away from guys looking the same as us.

- Well, there are female narcs.

- Oh, hey, I'd like to meet one of those. No, I don't mean a female. I mean just the narc, knowingly, like, positive. Sure. So you could positively know. And you will. When he slaps the cuffs on, you'll know for sure, when that day comes.

-How could a guy do that? Pose as a narc?

- What?

- What? Pose as a narc?

- No, you said it. So yeah.

- Pose as a narc. Oh, sh... Shit, I'm spaced. Pose as a narc, wow. Pose as a narc. My brains are scrambled today.
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Keşler, sekse olan ilgilerini kaybederler. Kan damarları büzüştüğü için organlar şişer,nedeni bu.
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+bir başka kaybeden daha!
-kazanan olmak kolaydır ..
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En tehlikeli insan kendi gölgesinden korkandır.
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