when i became a member of this site in average one year before i could not speak and write turkish as I do now..Maybe i stil can not do the best but i am sure it is better than it was­čśŐ
A few nights ago while i was looking for posts i saw a post written in english so i got an idea..Maybe somebody here wants to practice in english or develope the level of knowing english so we can TRY to debate our books in english and i think it will be so helpfull in developing our leanguage level??Isnt it???
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Batuuu (@batuuu)
Sounds interesting:)There are two or three people lingering around and writing some English posts here .I believe that i am one of person you talk about. In addition to the books we read in turkish ,maybe you can also let us know whether you read the books in any other languages. For instance,I try to read one or two books written in English to brush up my knowledge and polish up my rusty English by learning new words which i can acquire by reading:)
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Yasin Demirta┼č (@yasindemirtas)
YouÔÇÖre good now . Congrat ­čÖé
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Batuhan Kahraman (@kahramanbatu)
Wow,Thats an great idea.
I think this is being the good writer because every one (except this people) writing turkish language and so only can understand turkish people to us and we have the chance to change this.
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